Candidate case studies

Hanover Fox International is committed to looking after its candidates in a professional manner. We maintain regular communication throughout the process and make every effort to support each individual as they progress.

Here, successful candidates share their experience with Hanover Fox International:

Non Executive Director

"I have worked with numerous head hunters over many years. I found Hanover Fox more personal – a really refreshing experience.

I was actively looking for a new non-exec role. Hanover Fox approached me indirectly through someone who knew me. After a brief chat on the phone I decided it might be something interesting and I met them in person. It was a friendly, comfortable discussion. They knew their client so well: the history and the background; what had changed; the shape of things to come and the new challenges that would bring. I understood the space the company was operating in and my skills were a good fit, so I was now fully interested.

I met the Chairman first. Hearing him talk about his business, the purpose and the vision inspired me. I could see where I could fit. Where I could make a contribution. After this I went on to meet other board members. Before and after each encounter, Hanover Fox were always available and always well-informed.

In the end I accepted an interim operations role as well as the NED role. It’s been seriously hard work, much harder than I imagined, but I’m relishing every minute. For anyone else approached by Hanover Fox I would say ‘take the call’. They are professional and focused, so there’s a good chance it could be something worthwhile.”

Elizabeth Sipiere, Non Executive Director

Chief Executive - London Estate

"What made a difference for me was that Hanover Fox think more laterally, in terms of the skills and experience they were looking for on behalf of their client. All too often recruiters will only look at candidates with very similar experience. In today’s changing world introducing people from different backgrounds should help to improve the real estate business generally.”

London Estate

Head of Membership Development

"As a senior executive I have had a lot of interaction with Head Hunters and Hanover Fox were refreshingly different. They were responsive, got back to me and took the time to understand my needs. I was after a late career change from a senior position in the technology sector into professional services.

Unlike my interaction with many other head hunters, from my first contact I was quickly talking to a senior person rather than a junior researcher. I found I was able to talk to someone who not only understood my needs but was able to appreciate the transferrable skills that I had.

As a firm, Hanover Fox were friendly, knowledgeable and responsive throughout. They understood their client’s issues and needs and by digging deeper, I think they completely understood what I was about and could see that I was a strong fit for the role.

My initial hour and a half interview was informative and relaxing and it was detailed, convivial and above all, human. I then had two further interviews with the client before being offered the position.

I was well briefed before each client interview and had an immediate telephone debrief with Hanover Fox after each one.

I think Hanover Fox are ‘old school’ (in a good way) – personable and incredibly diligent. My referees were amazed at the detail they went into before the contracts were signed. As a candidate, I would thoroughly recommend them and I hope I will use them as a client at some point in the future."

Mathew Gimlette, Head of Membership Development

Chief Operating Officer

“The whole process was run so smoothly – everything happened at the right time and it ran like clockwork. I had complete trust in the person to guide me through the process.

Hanover Fox took the time to get to know me as a person as well as a professional, to ensure there was the right cultural fit for the Fishmongers’ Company.

They treated all the candidates fairly and consistently, with great attention to detail and enthusiasm guiding you through the process every step of the way. They demonstrated absolute professionalism at all times.

I would highly recommend them without hesitation.”

Joanna Allinson, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Executive

"I wasn’t looking for a new opening, but I’m always interested when I get an approach from a reputable firm like Hanover Fox. 

What impressed me from the first call was that they had clearly done their homework. They had talked to a former boss of mine, someone widely respected in the industry. In my mind this showed integrity and credibility from the start.

After the initial phone call I said that I was interested in seeing the specification, but only if it met certain criteria around location, salary and benefits. 

Hanover Fox then flew up to Edinburgh to meet me. It was a well-organised and professionally structured process. They asked questions about my skillset and competency. I asked questions about the position. It was a relaxed meeting; it felt more like a discussion than an interview.

Hanover Fox sent me background information and were supportive through two interviews: firstly with the Group Chief Investment Officer; subsequently dinner with the Executive Chairman.

I have been head-hunted many times in the past. I thought Hanover Fox compared favourably and I think that they are very strong in their field".

Duncan Mackison, Chief Executive

Estate Director

"I have known Hanover Fox for a number of years and felt they had taken the time to understand my profile and what is important to me in any role I would look to consider. When the Estate Director opportunity therefore became public it was only natural that we would re-engage in a conversation to explore whether there was a mutual fit.

The team were genuinely committed to understanding how my career had developed over the past few years and what it is I need from a role to achieve the level of fulfilment I am looking for. Our interactions were always helpful and gave me the confidence that Hanover Fox was running a smooth and professional process both in the eyes of the client and other candidates. I felt I was kept up to date on developments, received timely and succinct responses to my questions and was well briefed ahead of the interviews.

The feedback I received throughout the process, and in particular post interviews was honest, robust and helpful. All in all, Hanover Fox made what can be a challenging and frustrating process seem straightforward and reassuring. The team worked hard to deliver a positive result for each party and I would be happy to recommend them going forwards based on their genuine commitment, approachability and integrity”.

Alastair Brooks, Estate Director

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