Candidate case studies

Hanover Fox is committed to looking after its candidates in a professional manner. We maintain regular communication throughout the process and make every effort to support each individual as they progress.

Here, successful candidates share their experience with Hanover Fox:

Non-Executive Chair

“I currently hold a number of non-executive board and advisory roles and I am often approached by executive serch firms to bring my experience and skills into other organisations. What I want to know very quickly is whether there is a good fit. What is the organisation aiming to do? Do I believe I can bring something to the role? Are there any potential conflicts? 

The initial telephone approach was friendly and professional and I was quickly persuaded it was worth a meeting.

I first met with Hanover Fox in July and found them to be well informed and helpful. When I met with the company, I found that Hanover Fox had fully understood the role and requirements and I felt well prepared. There was a good fit with the senior executives, and the scope.

We then ran into the summer and everything became slow because of holidays and diaries. Throughout that period, Hanover Fox kept in touch with me and made sure I was up to speed. I am pleased to have taken on the role.

I found Hanover Fox very approachable and responsive. The process was straightforward from my perspective. I would say that if Hanover Fox approach you, it would be well worth taking the call and listening to what they have to say. I will certainly consider using them for senior recruitment in the future, if that responsibility should fall to me.”

Lorraine Clinton, Non-Executive Chair

Non-Executive Director

“Hanover Fox International (HFI) approached me for an interesting non-executive role. They ensured that each stage of the process was very clear. There were a series of interviews which were organised promptly, despite busy diaries. At every stage there was a personal commitment from senior executives at HFI which made what can be a stressful process very calm and businesslike."

Noel Manns, Non-Executive Director

Head of Finance

"My experience in dealing with Hanover Fox International (HFI) over the course of the recruitment process was both enjoyable and positive. I was impressed by the team’s commitment to delivering a first-class service, and the lead consultant’s understanding of the client’s business and the key decision makers’ aspirations going forward. 

I was well briefed which gave me the confidence I needed going into the interview process. Feed-back following on from the first round was robust, and thereafter my interest and excitement for the role grew further. Communication was clear and concise throughout, and I was impressed by HFI’s commitment to undertaking detailed reference and qualification checks which underlines the firm’s commitment to ensuring there are no surprises going forward. I would certainly consider recommending them to fellow candidates, and could envisage working with them from a client perspective, should the right opportunity come along."

Christine Gilbert, Head of Finance

General Manager

“Hanover Fox is a well-respected name in the rural sector and landed estates, so as a candidate you feel that you are with the right people. They understand the role. They can answer your questions. They can quickly establish if you have the cultural fit, skills and credentials their client is looking for. If they put you forward, you feel it’s going to be worthwhile. 

I built-up a good rapport with them. They are very professional, but also very personable. I found that really useful when receiving feedback after my first interview with the Chief Executive at Cowdray. It also gave me an opportunity to feedback my thoughts, making it a genuine two-way process.

I once had eight interviews for a senior role and ended up considering other possibilities. Hanover Fox kept this process relatively smooth and simple. They still carried out in-depth due-diligence on me, but it was all done in a very relaxed and easy way.

If you are an ex-services officer looking for new roles out in Civvy Street (as I was some years ago), or you are an experienced estates manager looking for more senior roles, (which was my situation this time), I would highly recommend Hanover Fox. They are established and reputable. They have real clout. At the same time, they are very approachable.”

Iain Beaumont, General Manager (Events)

Chief Executive

"I wasn’t looking for a new opening, but I’m always interested when I get an approach from a reputable firm like Hanover Fox. 

What impressed me from the first call was that they had clearly done their homework. They had talked to a former boss of mine, someone widely respected in the industry. In my mind this showed integrity and credibility from the start.

After the initial phone call I said that I was interested in seeing the specification, but only if it met certain criteria around location, salary and benefits. 

Hanover Fox then flew up to Edinburgh to meet me. It was a well-organised and professionally structured process. They asked questions about my skillset and competency. I asked questions about the position. It was a relaxed meeting; it felt more like a discussion than an interview.

Hanover Fox sent me background information and were supportive through two interviews: firstly with the Group Chief Investment Officer; subsequently dinner with the Executive Chairman.

I have been head-hunted many times in the past. I thought Hanover Fox compared favourably and I think that they are very strong in their field".

Duncan Mackison, Chief Executive

Estate Manager

“When Hanover Fox International (HFI) approached me in relation to a high profile Estate Management role, I was naturally interested to learn more about the opportunity and understand how I could potentially add value to the business, as well as what it could do for my own career progression. The HFI team did an excellent job in briefing me, and took the time to fully understand my own aspirations and how this role could indeed broaden my skill-set and challenge me in new ways. 

Given these processes can be relatively stressful, I felt my dealings both with HFI and the client were well managed and that they were driving the process and in control throughout. They have been thorough in their due diligence checks and referencing, and I would certainly consider using them myself as a client or indeed I would be happy to recommend their services to other contacts in the sector.”

Garth Clark, Estate Manager

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