A hybrid approach for broader diversity

Using a combination of executive search and selection techniques together can help to extend our reach even further. A carefully targeted executive search approach may explore potential within specific industries, while a Hanover Fox branded executive selection campaign could be used to attract candidates with transferable skills from outside these areas.

The Hanover Fox process

An integrated approach

When using a hybrid executive search and selection approach, we will apply an integrated strategy, using each technique to build on the strengths of the other. For example, we may consider the media profile of executive search targets to enhance the advertising approach. Similarly, we may use applicant profiles to inform executive search targeting.

Looking after your reputation

Whether potential candidates come from our own network, executive search or a direct application from an advertisement, Hanover Fox is committed to treating each candidate with care and respect. We take our own and our clients’ reputations seriously and always ensure that every application receives due attention and an appropriate and timely response if they are unsuccessful.

Delivering a diverse list

The hybrid executive search and selection technique often builds a more diverse pool of potential candidates. Our consultants will assess each one and make rigorous and insightful recommendations to build the best possible shortlist for client consideration.


When BKR International, the global association for independent accounting and business advisory firms, needed a new EMEA Regional Executive Director, they asked Hanover Fox to run the process.

Nilesh Shah – EMEA Chairman, BKR International

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