Salary Surveys and other Research

Discrete fact-finding

We are regularly asked to manage bespoke research projects on behalf of our clients. The expertise of our Research Department gives us a formidable capability to carry out studies of markets and employment conditions. Typical examples might include a salary survey to identify a competitive package for a new role, or a market review to validate the business model for a new venture. 

Our research clients have included commercial, non-profit and government bodies.

Bespoke Research process

Salary surveys

A salary survey can help to establish market rates across particular functions, regions or markets. We have regularly helped clients to pinpoint competitive salary rates to inform appropriate approaches for executive search, advertised salary ranges or indeed wider internal reviews.

Market review

A market review can be an invaluable tool in assessing ongoing employment strategies for existing operations or new ventures. Our experts can help to define the pool of potential talent, together with the range of incentives that may be required to attract credible executives to senior roles.

Due diligence

Hanover Fox has regularly contributed to due diligence initiatives for private equity companies and clients considering merger and acquisitions. Our research expertise and established networks of high level contacts give us the access required to help inform strategic business decisions.

"Hanover Fox lead that process very well. They pre-vet candidates and interview notes are excellent. We are extremely pleased with the appointment we have made."

Paul Lindon - Trustee, Bedford Estates

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