At Hanover Fox diversity is crucial to the success of our clients and also of our own business.  A breadth of talent, opinion, judgement and experience within an organisation enables it to be more creative but also to challenge existing thinking and deliver improved performance.

With training and awareness embedded formally in our diversity guide, this document formalises our commitment to diversity, forms part of the induction programme each new employee follows and outlines the different types of equality legislation in the UK and how they affect the recruitment process.

Our responsibility to our clients is to support them in reaping the rewards of diversity in their own organisations.  A successful executive search firm depends on the insight of its employees and we are committed to recruiting and retaining the very best talent for our clients, as well as for ourselves.

We are committed to ensuring that we provide our clients with choice and we continually strive to find ways to improve the creativity with which we handle assignments.  We actively create networks with organisations at home and abroad (through our membership of ECI Group) that assist us in sourcing more-diverse candidates.  In the case of advertised assignments, we ensure that our media selection maximises the response from a diverse range of qualified candidates.

Our commitment to diversity is evident at every level of our own organisation.  We value diversity in ethnicity, disability, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, political persuasion, experience and education.  We aim to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, evaluated objectively and enabled to succeed.