"I trust the integrity of the guys I’ve worked with at Hanover Fox"

Brightwell Limited

Head of HR

Brightwell Limited is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dosing systems. Their Managing Director Nathan Palmer had worked successfully with Hanover Fox in the past and had no hesitation engaging the firm to support the recruitment of a new Head of HR:

“I trust the integrity of the guys I’ve worked with at Hanover Fox. For this HR leadership role it was critical to know the candidate would work well with me so, in addition to summarising each candidate’s experience and characteristics, I really appreciated their ability to assess the chemistry and cultural fit.”

“They were very professional and prompt in their communication, keeping me informed with regular updates. The process of bringing a long list to the table was excellent and we were able to conclude the project quickly. We have achieved a really positive outcome and I would be very happy to work with Hanover Fox again.”

Their new Head of HR, Michelle Tester, shared her positive experience as a candidate:

“When Mark initially approached me, he was very clear on the requirements of the role and his job spec was spot on. But he had also done his research on me, so we both knew it would be a good match. He kept me informed on progress all the way through and I felt our conversations were very open and honest. He was in regular contact throughout and gave me feedback straight away after my first interview, which I really appreciated.”

“It was a fantastic experience – I would highly recommend Hanover Fox.”

Nathan Palmer – Managing Director

Michelle Tester – Head of HR

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Mark Rowley


Mark Rowley