The Hanover Fox Advantage

Exceeding expectations, delivering results

Hanover Fox has an outstanding reputation with clients and candidates alike as an executive recruitment firm that takes its commitments further than the norm. These are just some of the elements that we believe set us apart from other executive recruitment firms.

Tailored Approach

Every single assignment is unique. That’s why we approach each one with an open and curious mind. We always aim to start each assignment with a face-to-face meeting. We will challenge our clients about the scope of the role. We will spend time getting to know the culture of the company and the personalities involved. Only when we have developed a deep understanding, will we tailor an approach to fit the precise needs of the assignment.

Experienced consultants

Hanover Fox has a distinguished team of experienced consultants. We don’t believe in the big guns securing the business, while junior members do the work behind the scenes. The consultant you meet will take complete responsibility for your assignment and will be able to vouch for every candidate personally.

Transparent billing

With Hanover Fox you know exactly what you will be billed from the very start of the process. For example, our fees will ordinarily be based on an agreed percentage of the final employment package. Unlike many other executive search firms, we will fix ours at the outset, based on a conservative remuneration estimate, and, if the final appointment requires a package above that, we stay true to our word and will not adjust our fee.

Committed to success

Unlike many executive search firms, Hanover Fox never gives up on an assignment. In a recent case when a candidate changed his mind weeks after the final offer, we undertook to create a new shortlist at no extra charge. In another instance, when a company reorganisation removed the resource requirement partway through an executive search, we opted to waive the fee.

Collaborative working

Unlike many executive recruitment firms, we prefer to work collaboratively with our clients. That means discussing the strategy, sharing our potential targets at an early stage and reporting regularly throughout. Most importantly, it means genuinely listening to our client’s insight and using it to enhance our approach where appropriate.

Proven processes

We have unique methodologies, from making discreet enquiries to advertisement production. The individual assignment is at the heart of everything we do. Our recommended approach will always be the one which keeps abreast of market intelligence and in turn delivers optimal results.

Reputation management

Our success is based on our reputation, with clients and with candidates. We make approaches in a discreet and respectful way, guarding our client’s identity where appropriate. We ensure that every candidate who is linked with an assignment receives courteous, timely responses. Candidates who are included on a longlist or invited for a formal interview are given real and useful feedback. Our commitment is to look after our client’s reputation in the marketplace, as well as our own.

Ongoing support

At Hanover Fox, we are interested in long-term relationships with clients and candidates. We often offer advice on employment issues outside the bounds of formal assignments. We are always happy to discuss the potential of new appointments before a formal brief is raised. Career advice is offered to candidates whether they are involved in a potential move or not.

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