Diversity and technology on agenda at annual ECI Conference

Written by Hanover Fox International 20 July 2016

Diversity and technology on agenda at annual ECI Conference

This year’s annual ECI Group conference was kindly hosted by our partners in Italy. Attending were leading members from across the globe including our sister firms from Belgium, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain and Turkey.  

In what was both a stimulating and thought provoking conference, discussions this year focused on the challenges facing clients within the next five years and how the international executive search profession has changed with technological advancements. 

It was discussed that from a clients perspective, the biggest challenges they were facing over the next five years included:

  • Diversifying their workforce;
  • Succession planning;
  • Hiring the top talent in their sector and remaining competitive;
  • Having a workforce with digital expertise. 

The conference discussed the above topics and concluded that where there are challenges, executive search presented the opportunity to address them -through in-depth research, selection and due-diligence.

Another topic discussed was the advancement in technology facing the profession.

Without a doubt, technological advancements has given the executive search industry its greatest opportunity yet:

  • Professional social media networks has opened the sector up to its largest talent pool ever;
  • Data mining can now help create targeted advertisements which makes the process more cost-effective;
  • Communication advancements now means partners, clients and candidates are more accessible than ever before. 

One main conclusion was drawn up at the end of the conference. 

With the advancements in technology, Hanover Fox International and our ECI partners around the globe can tackle head on the challenges our clients face in creating a diverse, long term, skilled workforce – and deliver exceptional results. 

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